3.30pm Squads is divided into three levels subdivided into 5 lanes of the 25metre pool with 12+ swimmers.

Squads is where the real work begins. There are two groups of Squad swimmers—those who swim at 3.30pm and those who swim at 4.30pm. 

The 3.30pm squads are the swimmers who are capable in all four strokes, but still require more stroke technique and fitness. 

The 4.30pm Junior Squad and Senior Squad are swimmers who are taking their swimming to the next level. Most of these swimmers are competing in levels from North Queensland to Nationals and are also members of the Mackay Swimming Academy.

What swimmers need to bring to training:

Togs, towel, swim cap (required for long hair), flippers, goggles, fins, snorkel, gear bag and gym clothes for dry land sessions. Swimmers require a water bottle and something to eat once they get out of the pool. Swimmers require some form of nutritious snack after swimming to help their bodies recover and to maintain energy.

4.30pm Squads is for those swimmers who are serious about swimming as a sport—the swimmers work towards greater fitness levels and learning to work to the pace clock over a 90minute session. They practice stroke correction and technique , including turns and starts and develop their racing skills.

The 4.30pm squad is divided into two levels of ability and every swimmer is required to swim a minimum number of sessions a week to continue swimming in the squad. If unable to attend the minimum sessions, the swimmer need to see Pat or Lee to discuss their options.

What would a 4.30pm squad session include?

Training sessions include weekly dry land sessions, skipping ropes and other gym work. Competitive swimmers should consider continuing training during school holidays to uphold their fitness and skills.

Do squad swimmers have to be members of a swimming club?

Swimming Queensland is the governing body for swimming and requires any swimmer who would like to participate in swimming meets to be a member of a registered swimming club. 

Mackay Swimming Academy Inc have been operating in the Mackay area for over 55 years and offer the opportunity for swimmers to compete in both A grade and B grade categories.